Friday, November 29, 2013

The Wedding Planners of Butternut Creek by Jane Myers Perrine

The Wedding Planners of Butternut Creek by Jane Myers Perrine was a delight to read. This book is the third in the Butternut Creek series, the first two books being The Welcome Committee of Butternut Creek and The Matchmakers of Butternut Creek. While they can be read as stand-alone books, I believe I would have had more fun reading Ms. Perrine's newest book if I had read the two previous books and got to know the characters earlier.

I must say that this book is full of characters that have a lot of character. Ms. Perrine has created a town that some might compare to Jane Karon's wonderful town of Mitford. But Butternut Creek has just as much charm as the characters that inhabit the town. Four wonderful matchmaking widows, a young pastor that is the target for their matchmaking early on in the book (and obviously a continuation from the earlier books). When the pastor's sister returns to Butternut Creek the meddling matchmaking widows find new prey for their matchmaking skills.

A wedding does take place but who gets married is a question you will have to find out for yourself as I do not like to give out spoilers. But I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

If you like reading books that are just plain fun and entertaining then Jane Myers Perrine, The Wedding Planners of Butternut Creek is a book you will enjoy!

On a 5-Star Scale - Four Stars!!!!

I would like to thank Sarah Reck and Faithwords, a division of Hachette Book Group for my copy of The Wedding Planners of Butternut Creek. I received my copy for free in order to read and give my honest review which I have done.

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  1. I loved this whole series and wish i could find something with a similar sense of humor and well developed characters. Got a suggestion?