Sunday, August 28, 2016

Deadly Encounter by DiAnn Mills - with a Giveaway!

DiAnn Mills has done it again! Her newest novel, Deadly Encounter, is the first book in her new "FBI Task Force" series. I'm sure the next book, which releases in Spring of 2017 will be just as powerful as this one.

Blurb from the Back:


Airport ranger volunteer Stacy Broussard expected a peaceful Saturday morning ride around the perimeter of Houston's airport. What she encounters instead is a brutal homicide and a baffling mystery. Next to the body is an injured dog, the dead man's motorcycle, and a drone armed with a laser capable of taking down a 747.
Though FBI Special Agent Alex LeBlanc sees a clear-cut case of terrorism, his past has taught him to be suspicious of everyone, even witnesses. Even bleeding-heart veterinarians like Stacy. But when her gruesome discovery is only the first in a string of incidents that throw her life into a tailspin, Alex begins to wonder if Stacy was targeted. As a health emergency endangers Sgtacy's community and the task force pulls in leads from all directions, Alex and Stacy must work together to prevent another deadly ecounter.

My Thoughts:

I absolutely loved this book. from the first couple of pages I knew I wasn't going to be able to put this book down until I had turned the last page. This novel is fast paced with a plot line that is intricately woven and keeps the reader guessing until the very end.

Stacy Broussard is a veterinarian who also volunteers as an airport ranger. Which means on Saturday mornings she saddles up a horse and rides the perimeter of the airport making sure all is well and no one is up to something they shouldn't be. As the book starts, she is heading to the stables to meet other volunteers to go for their ride. All volunteers must never ride alone. When Stacy arrives there is no one else there. She sends each one a text asking where they are and finds none of them are coming. So, even though it is against the rules, she heads out alone. That is when she comes upon a dean man, holding the leash of a dog, the man's motorcycle and an armed drone. Now the question is what does this all mean? I found myself trying to figure out what everything had to do with each other. It was like trying to figure out a puzzle. You'll be amazed at how the author weaves all these things together and delivers a wonderful believable story. 

I loved the characters in this book. Stacy Broussard, is a strong character with a passion for animals and one very intelligent young man by the name of Whitt. Alex LeBlanc is a Special Agent with the FBI, and he is definitely job oriented. I began to wonder if he would ever lighten up, but when he did, it was magic. Whitt is a twelve year old genius, who lives across the street from Stacy and helps her out in her Veterinary Clinic. I loved the way Ms. Mills wrote his character. She brought such life to him. You could hear his intelligence in his spoken words but you could see his youth in his actions. Wonderfully done Ms. Mills.

Ms. Mills has created a masterfully woven story of suspense, with romance sprinkled in. Her two main characters grew up in Cajun country and ever so often they speak some Cajun words that flavor the story all the more.

I would highly recommend Deadly Encounter to anyone who enjoys a good clean suspense filled novel. 

On a 5-Star Scale = 5 HUGE Stars!!!!!

I would like to thank the author and Tyndale House Publishers for my copies of Deadly Encounter. I received my copy for free in order to read it and give my honest review. I also received an extra copy that I am offering as a giveaway to one of my readers.

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