Saturday, August 1, 2015

Hope Harbor by Irene Hannon

Whenever I pick up a book by Irene Hannon I know that I will be in for a treat. Although I usually read her suspense novels. her contemporary novels are just as wonderful to read. Her newest novel, Hope Harbor, is a wonderful contemporary story set in what I believe to be the fictitious town of Hope Harbor, Oregon. 

The main characters of this wonderful novel are Tracy Campbell, a cranberry farmer during the day and an accountant at night, and Michael Hunter, the head of a charitable organization in Chicago. They both have tragedies in their past that they need to overcome but the question is can they?

Then there is Floyd the seagull, Charley the fish taco chef and Anna, the town recluse. Each character in this novel has been well crafted and plays an important part in Tracy and Michael's story.

If I had anything negative to say about this book, its that Tracy and Michael's story took too long to unfold for me, but then when I look back at the story as a whole, I realize that the only way to really allow the story to unfold was at the slow pace.

I would highly recommend Hope Harbor to anyone wanting to read a sweet story about love lost, love gained, second chances and hope.

On a 5-star scale - 4 1/2 stars!!!!

I would like to thank Revell, a division of Baker Publishing, for my copy of Hope Harbor which I received for free in order to read it and give my honest review, which I have done.

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