Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood!

Oh my stars! We are under attack by some Giant Snowflakes! Wow! We woke up this morning like any other morning and got ready for work. My husband used the snow blower to dig out the car after receiving about a foot of drifting snow last night. He went on to work only to return about fifteen minutes later. The place he works at (his part time job)neglected to update their phone system letting everyone know the plant was closed down. When he arrived home he told me that we were under a LEVEL 1 EMERGENCY...which translates to 'no one should be out on the roads except for emergency vehicles'. So we are home, safe and warm. Unfortunately, there is more snow falling as I write this. Some of the drifts are close to two feet high, which compared to other areas of the country is nothing substantial. I also see there is another major storm brewing around the Texas/Oklahoma Panhandle (the same area this MONSTER storm started)and it is heading our way. I really can't afford missing anymore work. Missed two days last week due to illness and now today.

One more thought on the snow. I am a Native Southern Californian, transplanted to Northeastern Indiana ten years ago. I absolutely love the four seasons but I must say, this winter has made me wish we could move further south...maybe Tennessee or Texas. But, it is only wishful thinking, the Lord has planted us here (my husband is a pastor of a small local church)and until he releases us elsewhere, here is where we will stay.

I hope and pray you all are enjoying your Wednesday and are staying warm and toasty wherever you are. May you have a very blessed day!

Smiles & Blessings,

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