Sunday, April 6, 2014

What Follows After - a novel by Dan Walsh

It's no secret that I love the work of Dan Walsh so when given the chance to read and review his newest book, What Follows After, I couldn't turn it down. I will definitely say that Mr. Walsh has another hit on his hands. From start to finish I was on an emotional roller coaster and while I steer clear of real roller coasters, this journey was well worth it.

What Follows After is a story of trust, family values and the rediscovery of what matters most in life. Mr. Walsh introduces us to the Harrison family. A family of four torn apart by lies and miscommunication. When the story begins, Scott and Gina Harrison are separated because of what Gina saw and believed to be a illicit affair. Their two sons, Colt and Timmy are caught in the struggle of trying to maintain appearances.  Scott and Gina show up to family get togethers as if they are still together and have their sons lie about it. The boys have finally had enough and Colt devises a plan to run away to their aunt and uncle's house in Georgia.

While Colt and Timmy are on their journey, the bus makes a stop so the passengers can grab a bite to eat and stretch their legs. Colt has to go to the restroom and while he is in the restroom, Timmy disappears.  A waitress tells Colt that Timmy left with his father, who had bought him several comic books. Timmy runs outside just in time to see his little brother riding away on a different bus going back the way they just came.

The main part of the story is the search for little Timmy, but Mr. Walsh weaves so much more into the story.  The emotions of a little boy who feels it is his fault his brother was kidnapped. A father and mother who want so much to be consoled during this time but are afraid to reach out to one another. The emotions were expressed so well, that they seemed truly real.

Mr. Walsh has a way of creating believable well rounded characters that tend to become real to the reader. I love it when an author creates characters that can pull the reader in and make them become one with the story. Mr. Walsh does this so very well.

One thing that caught my attention in reading What Follows After, is Mr. Walsh brought back a character he introduced in his book, The Discovery, FBI agent, Victor Hammond. I appreciated getting to know this character a little more.

I would highly recommend What Follows After to anyone who enjoys a good clean read.

On a 5 Star Scale - 4 1/2 stars!!!!

I would like to thank Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group, for my copy of What Follows After. I received my copy for free in order to read it and give my honest review, which I have done.

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