Sunday, March 2, 2014

60 Ways to Lower Your Blood Sugar by Dennis Pollock

As a diabetic, even though I am well controlled, I am always looking for new insight on how to keep it under control.  That is the reason I requested to read and review, 60 Ways to Lower Your Blood Sugar by Dennis Pollack. As you can see by the book cover, this book is about simple steps to reduce the carbs, shed the weight and feel great now.  

This book is a mere 189 pages but it is packed with enough information that the reader can learn pretty much everything they need to keep their sugar levels in check. Another added bonus is that there are a few recipes sprinkled throughout some of which I definitely want to prepare for my family.

One thing that some readers may have a problem with is there are some ideas and concepts repeated throughout the book. This however was done with purpose. The author knows that we, as normal human beings need to hear or read things more than once in order to grasp the concept. 

There is a total of 60 chapters in the book, each one discussing a way to lower your blood sugar. You will find suggestions on foods to avoid, foods to eat, things to do and not to do throughout the book.  Personally I found it a great tool especially for someone newly diagnosed as a diabetic.

I would highly recommend 60 Ways to Lower Your Blood Sugar to anyone who is diabetic or has a family member or friend who is diabetic.

I would like to thank Harvest House Publishers for my review copy. I received my copy for free in order to read and give my honest opinion, which I have done.

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