Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Reason for My Hope Salvation by Reverend Billy Graham

In the late sixties I was given the opportunity to attend the Billy Graham Crusade held at Anaheim Stadium in Anaheim, California. You see my best friend was a strong Christian and she knew I was lost and needed Jesus in my life. She and her family took me to the crusade every night for a week. Was it life-changing? You bet it was. A couple nights into the Crusade I made a giant leap toward my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. When I had the opportunity to read and review Reverend Graham's newest book I leaped again.

If I were to tell you everything that is in the book, you might not go out and buy it. That would be sad as this book is powerful. It is as powerful as the man who wrote it. You must get this book, read it, share it and read it again.

 At the end of each chapter, Reverend Graham's final statement is written in all caps. These caught my eye and left me to ponder the truths shared in just a few powerful words.

To put it in simple words, this book, The Reason for My Hope Salvation is a book that Reverend Graham uses to tell the reader the truth. The truth about God, Jesus, Heaven and Hell. Nothing is sugar coated. He simply states what Christians know to be the truth. You must be born again and take up your cross daily to follow Jesus.

If anyone has ever had the opportunity to attend a Billy Graham Crusade then I am positive they will want to read Reverend Graham's newest book The Reason for My Hope Salvation.  I can honestly say that I plan on reading it again and again. The truths presented in this book are important for the Saved to remember and the Unsaved to learn.

Several times while reading this book I actually could hear Reverend Graham's distinct voice and there were several times I shed a few tears. Especially when he describes the crucifixion. We need to remember daily the price Jesus Christ paid for all of us sinners. It was powerful.

Also, in the Afterward, Reverend Graham gives an invitation for Salvation to the reader. Once again, this was a powerful book.

I would highly recommend The Reason for My Hope Salvation.  With Christmas just a few short weeks away you might consider picking up a few copies to give away as gifts. If you know someone who is searching and needs the Lord this is a perfect gift.

On a 5-Star scale = 5 HUGE STARS!!!!!

I would like to thank BookSneeze and Thomas Nelson Publishers for my copy of The Reason for My Hope Salvation. I received my copy for free in order to read and give my honest review, which I have done.

Smiles & Blessings,

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