Saturday, May 18, 2013

Whispers of a New Dawn by Murray Pura - my review

I am always so excited when I read an author's work for the first time and fall in love with their stories and characters.  I had that experience when I opened up the pages of Whispers of a New Dawn by Murray Pura. I was first drawn by the beautiful cover and the fact that I like to read novels set during the World War II period. Let me tell you, it was one of the best books I have read this year.

The story begins in 1941 when Jude and Lyyndaya Whetstone and their daughter Becky arrive back in their Amish community in Lancaster County. All three are pilots and if, upon returning to their Amish roots, they choose to stay they will have to give up their passion of flying. Becky has flown since she was fifteen and can't bear the thought of giving it up until she meets Moses Yoder, a handsome young Amish man who steals her heart.  While she is taking lessons on how to live as Amish, Moses has an accident and dies in her arms. Meanwhile, her parents have been requested to move to Hawaii to train pilots in stunt flying.  All three make the journey.

Becky's heart has been shattered and she finds herself with a wall erected around it not wanting to let anyone in as she has taken a solemn vow to never love again. She wants to remain true to Moses. With some convincing from her Aunt Ruth, who left the Amish community to be with her sister Lyyndaya, and letters from Moses's grandfather, Bishop Zook, Becky soon realizes that Moses is in heaven and she still has a life to live on earth. She meets a young pilot,Christian Raven, who has issues of his own and between the two of them the walls are slowly torn down.

Mr. Pura paints such a wonderful picture with his words that I felt I was there in the Caribbean when the story began, I made the trip to Lancaster County and then on to Hawaii.  I was there smelling the sea air on the beach in Hawaii as the sea breezes kissed my face.  I was in the cockpit as Becky and the other pilots flew their airplanes. I was on the USS Arizona when it was sunk at Pearl Harbor. I smelled the smoke. Saw the flames. Heard the screams.  I was there through the wonderful prose from Mr. Pura's hand. I felt that I experienced every detail.  It was truly phenomenal!

Whispers of a New Dawn is filled with the history of the bombing of Pearl Harbor during World War II.  Not many authors can pull me into their story and make me become one with the story.  Mr. Pura is quite gifted and I look forward to reading more from this wonderful author.  His settings and characters were well crafted and pulled me right in from the very beginning. His Christian thread throughout the book was refreshing.

I would highly recommend Whispers of a New Dawn to anyone who enjoys reading good clean historical fiction.

On a 5-Star scale - 5 BIG Stars!!!!!

I would like to thank Aaron Dillon and Harvest House Publishers for my review copy of Whispers of a New Dawn.  I received my copy for free in order to read and give my honest review which I have done.

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