Saturday, May 11, 2013

Scorned Justice by Margaret Daley - a must read!

I am an avid reader of Margaret Daley's work. The reason? She creates wonderful believable characters that pull me into their story and make me feel as if I'm living in their world.  Scorned Justice, the third book in The Men of the Texas Rangers series did exactly that. I know that if Margaret's name is on the cover I am in for an exciting ride.

Scorned Justice is the story of Texas Ranger Brody Calhoun and District Court Judge Rebecca Morgan. Brody and Rebecca grew up together and just when Brody found himself falling in love with her she married another man.  Now, ten years later, she is a widow who is sitting as a judge on a high profile case. When Rebecca's brother Thomas is severely injured in what appears to be an accident, Brody is called in to investigate. As Brody begins to add up all the pieces of evidence he comes to the realization that his best friend Thomas was not injured by accident and that Rebecca is in danger. Brody and Rebecca find themselves drawn to each other once again but Rebecca has already lost one husband in the line of duty and doesn't want to go through that experience again.  Can Brody change her mind?

Set in the town of Dry Gulch near San Antonio Texas, Scorned Justice is a romantic suspense novel that takes the reader on an exciting roller coaster ride.  The Russian Mafia, the Dos Huesos Cruzados Gang, cattle rustling, a deep-rooted vendetta are all found within the covers of this exciting third book of the series. Can Rebecca let the walls down around her guarded heart and take a chance on Brody? Can their faith sustain them through the tragedies they find happening all around them? You will have to read the book to find out as I don't believe in handing out spoilers.

Margaret Daley has a way with creating romantic suspense that pulls the reader into the story and holds them their until the very last page has been turned.  Her characters are well developed and believable. Of all three books in the series, Scorned Justice, in my humble opinion, is the best one yet.  When reading a suspense novel I can usually figure out who did the crime (maybe not until close to the end) but I will admit, Ms. Daley took me on such a wonderful ride that when all was revealed I was totally taken aback.  I didn't see the ending coming.  Magnificently done!

On a 5-Star scale = 5 HUGE stars!!!!!  This was my best read this year!

I would highly recommend this book to adults who enjoy a good Christian Romantic Suspense novel. Due to some 'mild' graphic detail a couple of times in the book, I would not suggest this to the younger reader.

The fourth book in The Men of the Texas Rangers series, Severed Trust, is scheduled to release October 15, 2013.  To pre-order your copy from please go here.

I would like to thank Abingdon Press for my copy of Scorned Justice.  I received my copy for free in order to read and give my honest review, which I have done.

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