Saturday, March 2, 2013

Please Pray for Peppi

This is a picture of our baby, Peppi.  He will be 12 years old in May so he has slowed down a little bit.  Along with age he has developed cataracts on both eyes so he doesn't see quite as well.  He was trying to jump up on the ottoman earlier this week and didn't quite make it.  I was in the back room so I didn't know what happened until my husband came in and told me Peppi had fallen and let out a yelp.  Well, that fall was serious.  The vet believes he either tore a ligament or a muscle.

The vet said they could do surgery (quite costly) but that would be really rough on him.  He gave us some pain pills for Peppi.  He said that in a couple of weeks the pain should subside and eventually he will heal but he will never be 100%, maybe 50-65%.  Well, my husband and I are believing in God's healing touch on our little guy.  He is already starting to walk on it again (he's been limping on 3 legs). Praise God.

My husband and I were married in April 2001 and we adopted Peppi in July 2001.  He is our little boy.  We both married later in life so we don't have children.  It hurts me so much watching Peppi hobble around.  I would like to ask you all to send up prayers for Peppi to heal quickly.  Thank you.

Smiles & Blessings,



  1. Will definitely pray for Peppi. I have two little furbabies of my own and empathize. (((HUGS)))

  2. Thank you so much. It just breaks my heart seeing him limp around.

  3. Cindy, we will dutifully pray in agreement with you for Peppi. Also, you may consider posting over at "Prayers for our Pets." I forget the exact URL but if you google that phrase in quotes you'll find it.