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Revell Blog Tour - Blue Skies Tomorrow by Sarah Sundin

I am an avid reader that tends to allow a book's cover to draw me into picking it up off a shelf to read.  Sarah Sundin's debut book, A Distant Melody, did exactly that, it beckoned me to read it.  The cover reminded me so much of one of my favorite classic movies, Best Years of Our Lives that I knew I just had to buy it and take it home.  Let me tell you, Ms. Sundin's talent for creating believable characters absolutely blew me away.  She also has a strong knack of drawing you into her story where you become a part of it.  There were times I felt I was actually in a B-17 during WWII.  I could hardly wait for her second book, A Memory Between Us, to hit the shelves.  Her sophomore attempt was just as wonderful as her debut novel swo when her third book, Blue Skies Tomorrow, came out I knew I had to get a copy of it as soon as possible.  Let me tell you, the only thing wrong with her third book in the Wings of Glory series is that it is the third and final book.

Blue Skies Tomorrow, is about Ray, the oldest of the Novak brothers.  Ray's father is a pastor who had dreams for all of his sons to become pastors.  Of the three sons, Ray was th only one who wanted to follow his father into the ministry.  Unfortunately, WWII was going on and Ray had a talent that the Army Air Force needed.  He knew how to fly B-17s and he was an excellent teacher so his dreams of being in the pulpit. were placed on hold while he trained young men to fly the Flying Fortresses in battle.

Helen, the female lead, is a young war widow and mother of a toddler.  She has secrets that she is keeping that are slowly revealed to the reader through letters she sends to Ray while he is flying bombing raids in Germany.

The story lines threading throughout the book blend well with the history of WWII.  I found myself learning more about WWII then I had ever known before.  My husband is a big WWII buff and we have shared several great discussions all stemming from Ms. Sundin's books.

I do not believe in giving spoilers so I would just like to say, in closing, if you love good Christian romantic historical novels please pick up any of Ms. Sundin's books.  Better yet, pick them all up.  You do not have to read them in order although I am happy very happy that I did.  One thing I really loved about Blue Skies Tomorrow is that most of the characters from the previous novels were brought back together in this one.  I must say, it helped to have a box of Kleenex handy while reading this book.

On a five-star scale, I would rate this book, as well as the series, five-stars.

Available August 2011 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group. 

I received a complimentary copy of Blue Skies Tomorrow from Revell for purpose of reviewing.  It was not required that I write a positive review, only an honest one, which I have done.

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  1. Cindy - thank you so much for the lovely review! I'm so glad you enjoyed Ray & Helen's story too.