Saturday, April 9, 2016

Rescuing Finley by Dan Walsh

I love dogs and I love books written by Dan Walsh, so when Mr. Walsh asked if I would like to read and review Rescuing Finley, his first book in his "Forever Home" series, I jumped at the chance.

Rescuing Finley is the story of a dog that, because of a tragedy of war, finds himself without his beloved owner. The author actually writes some of the chapters in Finley's point of view allowing the reader to understand the stress that Finely is going through.

This is a story of a dog who has lost the one person who truly loved him. It is also about a young woman who made some bad choices and is paying for those choices. It is about a soldier suffering from PTSD and it is also about a Humane Society worker who brings all these characters together. 

Mr. Walsh has a gift of creating a world of characters that become real to the reader in all of his books. Rescuing Finley is no exception. I found myself wanting to adopt Finley from the start but as the story was revealed, I found myself rooting for all the characters and most specifically for Finley.

This story delves into the problem people suffering with PTSD go through. It also allows us to see that animals, in this case Finley, can suffer from it as well.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a good "feel good" book. If you are a Dan Walsh fan, you will want to embrace this book and place it on your "keeper shelf". If you haven't read anything by Dan Walsh, this is a good book to start with. I guarantee you will become a fan!

I would like to thank Dan Walsh for my e-copy of Rescuing Finley. I received my copy for free in order to read it and give my honest review.

On a 5-Star Scale  = 5 HUGE Stars!!!!!

Smiles & Blessings,

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