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Lethal Legacy by Irene Hannon - a review

When I have not read an author before, I look at the cover of the book and read the blurb on the back of the book to determine whether I want to invest some time with the author's work. Sometimes I am disappointed and other times I'm quite pleased. In selecting Lethal Legacy, by Irene Hannon, I made the decision to read the book simply because of the cover (isn't it great?) and I was EXTREMELY pleased with my choice!

Lethal Legacy is a story of determination and strength. The faith of the characters was not overbearing but was presented in a very subtle way. The story is filled with fast paced action, gut wrenching suspense and a sweet blossoming romance. I found myself reading long into the night trying to stave off sleep just so I could get through the next chapter.

I know an author is good when they make me feel right along with the characters. I will admit that at times I was angry and other times I was searching for the box of tissues. I felt the pain that Kelly felt emotionally and physically. I love these characters.  I loved this book!

* * * * *

A little about the story:

Commercial artist, Kelly Warren, believed her father's death was not a suicide, as the police claimed, five months earlier. After receiving some tulip bulbs in the mail to celebrate her birthday, she's absolutely positive her father didn't commit suicide. Attached to the bulbs was a note from her father, written the day before his death. It read, "Happy birthday, Kelly! Don't these sound exotic? We'll plant them together on your big day. I'll bring the cake! Love, Dad". Kelly takes the note to the police department in hopes of getting the case reopened.

The officer previously in charge of the case is on vacation so Detective Cole Taylor steps in to hear about Kelly's new found evidence. Unfortunately, he doesn't give much credence to her claim that her father didn't commit suicide. He does however agree to review the old case files only to find that he agrees with the original findings. That is until Kelly ends up in the emergency room in anaphylactic shock due to an allergy to peanuts. Cole believes it is more than a coincidence and decides to dig deeper into the case. As he starts digging, he finds that Kelly is linked to a crime committed when she was a child and he feels that someone is trying to silence her because she has asked that the case be reopened. 

Kelly and Cole find themselves strongly attracted to each other from the very beginning. Cole, however, lets her know that he never gets involved with people involved in his cases. But he also lets her know that once the case is solved he would like to pursue a relationship with her.

* * * * * 

Lethal Legacy, is the third and final book in Ms. Hannon's Guardian of Justice series. It was so good that I plan on reading the first two books in the series, Fatal Judgment and Deadly Pursuit.

I would like to thank Donna Hausler and Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group, for my review copy. I received my copy for free in order to read and give my honest review, which I have done.

On a 5-Star scale: 5 Stars!!!!!

Smiles & Blessings,

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