Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Merchant's Daughter by Melanie Dickerson - a review

The Merchant's Daughter by Melanie Dickerson, is a retelling of the story Beauty and the Beast.  In this story Annabel is the daughter of a once wealthy merchant.  The story begins after Annabel's father has passed away and she, along with her mother and two brothers are being held accountable for not doing their fair share to help the community of Glynval.  It has been determined, by the town, that in order to pay their debt, one of the family must become an indentured servant to the new lord, Ranulf le Wyse, for three years.  It is rumored that the new lord is terrifying and beastly.  In the meantime, one of her brothers has decided she should marry the local Bailiff, an old friend of her father's who has promised to pay their debt to the town for Annabel's hand in marriage.  Annabel decides that she will be the one to become an indentured servant to the new lord as it would be more pleasant than marrying the likes of Bailiff Tom.  She dreams of the day her servant-hood is completed and she can move to a nunnery where she can spend her days reading the Holy Writ.

This sets the story for Annabel and Lord Ranulf le Wyse.  What ensues is a sweet love story along with some mystery and danger thrown into the mix.  I found Ms. Dickerson's retailing of the story of Beauty and the Beast quite sweet and enjoyable.  Annabel and Lord Ranulf le Wyse were characters that were quite believable and endearing to the reader.

I haven't really read many books set during the time period of the 14th century, basically, because it was never my period of choice.  I picked up The Merchant's Daughter simply because I heard it was a retelling of Beauty and the Beast, my favorite all time fairy tale.  I must say I have a new appreciation of books set in this time period and I may just have to pick up another book down the road.

I would definitely recommend The Merchant's Daughter to anyone wanting a good Christian book offering a sweet love story with some intrigue thrown in.

On a 5-Star scale - 5 stars!!!

***** I would like to thank Zondervan for supplying me with my review copy of The Merchant's Daughter.  I received my copy for free, in order to read it and give my honest review, which I have done.   I received no monetary compensation for my review. *****

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