Friday, March 9, 2012

My Heart Hurts...and I'm Irate at the Vet!

Our baby had to have surgery today to remove a fatty tumor from his tail and a HUGE tumor off his chest (second time for the one on his chest).  Before the surgery, the vet had asked us if we wanted to have a section of the tumor sent off to find out what kind it was.  We told him 'no'.  I explained to him that I had a friend who had a dog that had surgery and she wanted to know what kind of tumor her dog had.  When it came back as cancer, my friend said she looked at her dog and treated her differently.  Our vet said he believed the tumor Peppi had was more than likely a benign tumor.

We just went down to pick Peppi up.  The vet came out and asked if his partner had came out to talk with us.  We told him 'no'.  He told us that the tumor was very invasive and wrapped around structures near the jugular vein.  He said that they kept a section in formaldehyde just in case we want to send it off later. He said it was very 'meaty' and that it appeared to be a ___________ I didn't catch the whole name but I made the mistake of asking if that kind of tumor was benign.  It was then that I got upset.  He said that type of tumor is VERY malignant.

When we left the vet's office I was almost in tears.  My sweet husband said, "please lets not get upset.  Peppi is in God's hands.  The vet doesn't KNOW that the tumor was that type and besides, Peppi still has a big appetite, hasn't lost weight, still is as spunky as ever and we aren't going to think negative.  We're just going to love on him for as long as God allows us to."  My husband the pastor always knows what to say but as I sit here and write these words I have a heavy heart.  I didn't want to know if it was bad news.  The vet knew that.  Yes, I asked if the type of tumor he was talking about was benign but he knew we didn't want to know so he shouldn't have brought up what type of tumor he thought it was.

My husband and I waited until late in life to get married (me - 48 and my husband 50. It was a God thing) and we adopted Peppi a few months after we were married.  He is our son.  Our baby boy.  We're very attached, as is my 84 year old mother (she lives next door and 'babysits' him during the day).  We have chosen not to tell her what the vet said as it would upset her way too much.

I know some people aren't pet people but I would like to ask all of you to say a prayer for Peppi.  That God will heal him completely.  Also, please pray for me that I can get past what the vet told me and not treat Peppi any differently.  I love him so very much.

Smiles & Blessings,

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