Wednesday, May 26, 2010

American Idol Finale

Okay, I have to admit it, I'm an Idol junkie. Unfortunately I just haven't gotten into it so much this year...I do watch it every week...I just haven't voted....until last week. I voted for Casey and Lee. I'm my opinion the guys are more marketable then Crystal, albeit the girl has talent. They're all winners!

So tonight, it's the finale. The question is who is going to take it? Everyone in my little corner of the world is saying that Crystal will take it hands down. My thoughts are it's going to be Lee. Why you ask? Well, he's got the adorablility factor going on...he's a younger version of Harry Connick Jr. and Casey left last week. What am I saying? I think that the Casey fans may have jumped onto the Lee Fan-Wagon...I'm hoping anyway.

All said, as I said earlier, they are all winners in my book.

I must say tonight is sad for me though....I am and always have been a big Simon fan. I will truly miss him and Idol will suffer a large void next year without him. I'm anxious to tune into The X Factor. Does anyone out there know when it is due to air???

Blessings to you all....Lee is about to sing with Chicago...AWESOME!!!!

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