Saturday, January 16, 2010

God is so awesome!

When I left California, to move back here to Indiana, I left the best hairstylist I have ever had. We got along great and we made each other laugh. He was a musician and surfer as well. My niece dated him for awhile and I had hopes for them.... but no. Anyway, I have talked about him alot in the last couple of weeks (even to my hairstylist today) and said I was really sad that I had lost touch with him. Well, today I went into my email and had a note from Facebook telling me that he was wanting to add me as a friend. WooHoo! God is so good. I was happy to hear that he is married now. He's a really good guy! My niece really missed the boat on that one.
Also got my laptop where the WiFi works in the house....AWESOME!! My husband Dean and I can both be on the internet at the same time. How cool is that???
Whatever you want to make of today...make it. The day is yours. You can choose to be happy or sad but you choose and you live with it. That's my new motto. No more pity parties for me.
If you are a fan of romance/suspense novels please pick up a book by Colleen Coble. I guarantee you that you won't be disappointed. Her characters and settings are so real that you feel like you are in the story as well. Can hardly wait to get her new book, "The Lightkeepers Daughter".

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